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"Randy saved my company $400/month in Google AdWords costs by optimizing our ad settings". - Ann Vickers, President/CEO - AccountAbility

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What we offer

Search Engine Optimization

If you're a business owner with a website, you probably know that having a website does not guarantee that you automatically get business from it. You may have spent thousands of dollars on a beautiful website, but you now wonder if the website was worth the cost. Most business website owners feel this way. The Internet is a gold-mine for those "in the know", but for most business owners, their website is a monthly expense that doesn't live up to the hype. We will use our SEO knowledge to put your website to work.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

If you want instant search visibility, Google Adwords is the perfect solution. High ranking in organic searches can take months, but Adwords is instantaneous. Like anything promising instant results, there are pitfalls. The biggest one is not setting up Adwords efficiently resulting in ads that appear for unrelated searches and result in a high monthly ad bill. Adwords, when set up properly is an effective and inexpensive way to get high Internet visibility.

Website Design

Is your website a true reflection of your business? Potential customers will form an opion of your business in seconds based on the look and content of your website. If your website is more than 2 years old, you could probably benefit from a website facelift. For as little as $800 you can have a new, attractive website that will customers.